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Forging Products

Major forging products are: shaft, valve body, barrel, flange, cylinder, gear, tube plate, roller, connecting rod and others. These forging products can be used at compressors, generators, and pressure vessels.Forging materials are carbon steel, carbon tool steel, alloy steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, and other special steel. Products are widely used in the industries of Machinery, Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Electric power, and Mine. 

Die Steel

Die Steel is also called Mold Stell, or Mould Steel, or Tool Steel. Our Die Steel products are including 738H, XPM,H13,P20. The dimensions of Die Steel can be with length between 1800mm and 3500mm, width between1300mm and 1500mm, depth between 100 and 850mm,and max weight can be upto 35 ton. Main features: uniformity of hardness—2 HRC from surface to centre, inclusion within 1.5, flaw detection standard conformed to GB/T6402-2008Ⅳ or SEP1921.Ee level, and 6 sides processed.    


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