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Production Equipment

The major equipments are 1 x 160T/30T bridge crane, 1 x 125MN hydropress,  1 x 31.5 MN hydropress,  1 x 20 MN hydropress,  1 x 0.75T hammer, 4 x 5*10M heating furnace, 3 x 6*12M heat treatment furnace, 1 x 8M vertical lathe, 2 x 6M vertical lathe, 1 x 2.1M vertical lathe, 2 x 8M horizontal lathe, 2 x 16M horizontal lathe,  2 x 32M horizontal lathe,  1 x 160CNC boring machine, 1 x 8M frame planer, one large test centre and other machineries.

Testing Equipment

Physicochemical center has the following equipment: JB-300B impact testing machine, DWC-60A impact test low temperature tank, FOUN DRY-MASTER Xpert ( Germany Oxford direct-reading spectrometer, and others. Inspection procedure :

We have installed many of the advanced production and inspection equipment to ensure we can deliver the best product solutions to the customer. These equipment will also provide the foundation that allow our product and service to meet the standard of CE and ISO 9001, and others.