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the biggest forging product delivered

Number of visits: Date:2017-07-24

Many Congratulations again for Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Ltd to become the first company who is capable to make stator forging product in Liaoning province.


In the past a few days, Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Ltd had been busy of loading the 140 ton compressor stator forging product and got ready for delivery. This product is the biggest stator made by Beixiang, and also the biggest forging product made in Liaoning province. In order to complete this task, the company had both the equipment and technique upgrade and rebuilt including the 12500 ton hydro press and 250 ton manipulator. The last product of this project will be delivered by the end of August.


According to Beixiangs production manager Mr Suns introduce, Beixiang has the biggest open-die hydro press with the weight of 12500 ton in Liaoning province. The company can produce upto 300,000 ton marine shaft, mould steel, and shaft for millions kilowatt generator at water conservancy power station. Relying on the advanced technical support and the excellent equipment, Beixiang won the project of states major project of Zhejiang Sinopec 40 million ton petroleum product to make main engine stator for the core equipment in total 8 pieces. This order requested very high machining ability and technical supports and need to be completed before the end of August. This is a serious test for Beixiang. Since Beixiang took the order at the mid of June, every beixiangs person has involved in this battle. From technical engineer to front-line workers, everyone has contributed their best effort to this project to ensure the order will be completed on time.


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