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About us

    About us


    Produced a large number of high-quality forgings and equipment for steel, power generation,

    petrochemical, mining and other industries

    Company Overview



    Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. The company is located in Tieling High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Covers an area of ​​200 acres. It is a large private forging enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has 150 employees, including 5 senior engineers and above, 28 engineers, 30 other professional technicians and 45 skilled workers. The company's total investment is 200 million yuan, and its products are mainly forging forging and machining of key core components of large-scale equipment in the steel, petrochemical, marine, military, power generation and other industries. The current annual production capacity is 20,000 tons.


    When the company was incorporated in 2008, the capital was 44.6 million yuan, which was funded by Bai Renwei. The establishment of the company benefited from the Shenyang Liaoshen Forging Plant invested by Bai Renwei in 1986. At that time, Shenyang Liaoshen Forging Factory was smaller in size and outdated equipment, and could not compete with other state-owned and private forging enterprises. The development of the enterprise is very slow. However, Bai Renwei, who has a professional background, saw the development trend of the forging industry and determined that private forging companies will have great development in the future. After decades of self-efforts, it has caught up with the great opportunity of national reform and opening up, which has made Shenyang Liaoshen Forging and Pressing Factory continue to develop and grow. For the establishment of Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., it has laid a solid foundation for capital, technology, talent and management.


    The establishment of Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. caters to the development thinking of the country, and is regarded by the industry as having a strategic vision for development. The formation of the company is at a high starting point. The first is the high starting point of product positioning. The positioning of products focuses on large marine crankshafts, large main shafts for hydropower and thermal power, pipeline products for large transport projects, valve bodies, large pressure vessel tanks, high-quality mold steel, etc. The forging wool processing requirements for key components of these large equipment are more High and technically difficult. Many products rely on imports. The company now has the ability to produce these products. The second is the high starting point of equipment investment. The investment in equipment with the 12500T winding free forging hydraulic press as the sign is the first in domestic private enterprises. This large-scale advanced forging equipment is rare in China. Northeast China has no other than a large state-owned enterprise in China, which has a large-scale equipment of this level. There is also a high starting point for technology. Northeast is not short of advanced technology, especially Shenyang relies on domestic advanced scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, and has sufficient technical support. The company has accumulated a large amount of advanced technology in long-term production practice, and also has close cooperation with Tsinghua University, Northeastern University, Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. On the basis of reciprocity, advanced technology can be fully applied in practice.


    The establishment of the company has received strong support from the local government. Many relevant national policies supporting enterprises are implemented in the company, which enables the company to develop rapidly within a short period of time after its establishment. Recently, the Liaoning (Entrepreneurship) Investment Guidance Fund Management Center signed a direct investment contract with the company, injecting 23 million yuan into the company, of which 6.93 million yuan was included in paid-in capital and 16.07 million yuan was included in the capital reserve. To achieve support for enterprises. Now the company's shareholder composition is Bai Renwei 44.6 million yuan, accounting for 86.5% of the share capital, Liaoning Province (Entrepreneurship) Investment Guidance Fund Management Center 6.93 million yuan, accounting for 13.5% of the share capital, the total share capital is 51.53 million yuan.。

    Equipment investment


    The company's total investment is nearly 200 million yuan, of which equipment investment is 150 million yuan. The main equipment includes a 12500t winding free forging hydraulic press, a 250-ton-meter forging operation car, 7 heating furnaces and heat-treatment furnaces, a 160-ton bridge crane a day, a 30-ton bridge crane, and 3 large CNC vertical lathes , A large gantry milling machine, and other large equipment. The company's equipment investment is mainly reflected in the processing capabilities and advanced nature of the equipment. All equipment investment is based on 12500T hydraulic press. The entire process of conception, design, construction, and installation is carried out in close cooperation with Tsinghua University, and it reflects the advanced nature and sense of the times of this large-scale equipment. Dr. Wu participated in this work throughout. The design of the 12500T winding free forging hydraulic press was his first, and obtained a patent. This brand-new design method changed the design concept of three beams and four columns of the large hydraulic press in the past, and the method of winding with steel wires made the equipment form a frame structure. Its advanced nature has the following aspects: 1. The equipment is more lightweight, making construction easier. 2. It is more convenient for the operation in the future production process. 3. The construction cost is saved. 4. The production operation efficiency is improved. During the construction process, it has received strong support and active participation from Tongji University, Bengang No. 1 Machinery Repair, Shenyang North Heavy Industry, and many other colleges and large enterprises. Make this highly anticipated heavy-duty forging equipment from design, manufacturing, assembly, lifting, installation, test run at one go.


    The construction of this heavy forging equipment has received great attention from the same industry and product users. Because this move affected the layout of the country's large forging equipment. There are no more than 8 such large-scale forging equipments in China, but most of them are concentrated in the south. One of the three provinces in Northeast China is Qiqihar. Liaoning, which is a heavy industry base, does not have such a large-scale equipment, which is not commensurate with its own image of a heavy industry base and is not compatible.


    Due to the large tonnage of large forging blanks, it is not easy to transport long distances, and it is objectively reasonable to support regional production. To change this pattern and complete regional industrial facilities, the establishment of Beixiang Heavy Industry is imperative.

    Product Positioning


    The company's products are mainly marine crankshafts, large main shafts for hydropower and thermal power, pipeline products for large-scale transportation projects, valve bodies, large pressure vessel tanks, and high-quality mold steel.


    As my country ranks among the first teams in the global shipbuilding industry, the demand for large marine crankshafts is also increasing. Crankshafts, the main producing countries of Japan and South Korea, account for about 80% of global production. Due to the increasing demand of the international market, especially the Chinese market, for large marine crankshafts. The production capacity of Japanese and Korean companies can no longer meet the increasing demand for crankshafts worldwide. The market gap is large. In addition, due to political factors, my country's imports of crankshafts from Japan and South Korea are often restricted. The key to the production of marine crankshafts is the forging wool processing of crankshafts. Therefore, as a national industry like us, we have the responsibility to shoulder the important task of replacing imported production crankshafts for ships. Under the coordination of the provincial government leaders, Beixiang Heavy Industry and China's largest marine crankshaft manufacturing company-Dalian Heavy Industry, Dalian Huarui Marine Crankshaft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences have strategic cooperation to complete a number of marine crankshaft production tasks.


    In order to accomplish the important task of producing large marine crankshafts, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in many years of production practice, invested a lot of funds, reserves a lot of technology, built advanced processing equipment, and made many preparations for the production of marine crankshafts. The cooperation with Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences provides strong technical support for the company. In the near future, our company will be able to produce high-quality large-scale marine crankshafts, to replace imports, get rid of the control of foreign enterprises, and make our company's contribution to the country.


    Large main shafts for hydropower and thermal power, cylinders and valves for large pipelines, tanks for large pressure vessels, etc., are the products that the company has shaped over the years, and have been successful for Harbin, Harbin, Qingqi, Shengu Group, Shenyang Electric, China National Heavy Industry, Siping Blower and other large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises produce generator sets and other large-scale key equipment to provide forging parts.


    High-quality mold steel is a new product newly developed by the company. High-quality mold steel is widely used in the production of complete sets of molds for automobiles and home appliances. my country is a major steel producer, but we can only produce low-end mold steel. High-quality mold steel has long relied on imports, which is expensive. When our company produced high-quality mold steel, domestic users applauded in unison. When we saw the related technical indicators of the company's mold steel, we were even more amazed. The technical indicators not only reached the level of similar foreign products, but also individual indicators even More than foreign products. Domestic distributors have to carry out long-term cooperation with our company, as much as possible. Foreign production enterprises invite companies to visit their companies and intend to cooperate with our company. The market prospect of high-quality die steel is very good.

    Innovation and development


    Innovative development is the country's next round of economic development strategy. The development philosophy of Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is precisely to cater to this national development idea. "Enterprises do not develop without innovation, and companies without advanced technology have no way out." A consensus has been reached within the company. The company's corporate innovation is mainly reflected in technological innovation and product innovation.


    After long-term development, the company has accumulated a lot of manufacturing experience. After continuous summary, it has formed its own unique manufacturing technology. Some technologies have applied for patents and have been continuously applied in subsequent production practices. Get gratifying economic results.


    Cooperation with scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University is an important step made by the company in the development of technological innovation. Based on the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit, the company provides feasibility study venues, funds, expenses, etc. Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, the relevant feasibility study results are tested, and after the success, both parties share the feasibility study results. Quickly transform scientific and technological achievements into productivity. The company's large marine crankshaft, high-quality die steel and other products, as well as stack forging technology are all successful examples of this cooperation. The application of stack forging technology is a disruptive innovation in the forging industry. He changed the traditional forging process to be a whole forging entity, a forging method that has not been broken since the forging industry. Instead, multiple entities of the same material and the same geometric shape are stacked together, and the peripheral gap is welded under vacuum to make it a combined body, which is then heated into a heating furnace and forged. A new forging technology. This creative new technology lies in: 1. The problem of difficult processing of steel ingots used in large forgings is realized. 2. The quality of raw materials is guaranteed. The traditional steel ingots used for large forgings are difficult to guarantee because of their large volume, so the scrap rate is very high. Many attempts have been made to improve this situation, but the results are not satisfactory. The core of the forging technology is to divide the whole forging steel ingot into several individual steel plates with the same shape, and the quality is well controlled. 3. Since the manufacturing cost of the steel plate is relatively low compared to the steel ingot, the purchase price varies greatly, so the purchase cost is saved. After applying forging technology to large forgings, not only improve product quality, but also reduce manufacturing costs, making it more competitive in the market.

    Company future


    The establishment of Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides a good platform for the company's future development. The support of the government and the close cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research units have helped this development of the company. In the future, the company will build into a large private forging enterprise with Chinese characteristics that can go to the world. We stand at this historical juncture. We have the opportunity to leave our name in the future Chinese industrial history. The ultimate development goal of an enterprise should assume this historical responsibility for the country and society.


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