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          Liaoning Beixiang Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd (Beixiang) was founded in 2008 and previously was known as Shenyang Liaoshen

        Forging Factory for nearly 30 years. Beixiang is based in Shenyang High-Tech Development Zone, covering 200,000 square meters, and owns total

        asset of 500 million RMB. Beixian is a modern large-scale private enterprises, who combines the business function of research and development,

        production, and sales. And also Beixiang is the largest forging factory in Liaoning Province.
           The company has 230 employees including 5 senior engineers, 18 intermediate engineers, and 35 professional technicians. The

        equipment are 1 x 160T/30T bridge crane, 1 x 125MN hydropress,  1 x 31.5 MN hydropress,  1 x 20 MN hydropress,  1 x 0.75T hammer, 4 x 5*10M

        heating furnace, 3 x 6*12M heat treatment furnace, 1 x 8M vertical lathe, 2 x 6M vertical lathe, 1 x 2.1M vertical lathe, 2 x 8M horizontal lathe,

        2 x 16M horizontal lathe,  2 x 32M horizontal lathe,  1 x 160CNC boring machine, 1 x 8M frame planer, one large test centre and other machineries.

        At the meantime, the company has a strong research and development team, who has establish the partnerships with Tsinghua University, Metal

        Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology in order to enhance the development of new projects. In the

        past years, the company has produced a larger number of quality forgings and equipment especially powder alloy billet, large crusher shaft, large

        fan shaft, motor shaft, screw locking ring of petrochemical reactor, stainless tube plate, large cylinder, cold roll, etc, which are well received in

        steel, Electric, Petrochemical, and Mining industries.